Khaidi Movie Review


Telugu release: October 25, 2019
Casting: Karthi, Narain, Raman, Deena, Harish uthaman, etc
Cinematography: Sathyan Sooryan,
Music: Sam CS,
Editing: philomin raj,
Presence: Sri Satya sai Arts,
Producers: SR.prakash babu, Sr. Prabhu, Tiruppur Vivek,
Director: Lokesh Kanakaraj.


Bejoy (Narain) and his team are under attack by Amar and his men. There is a bounty on the police officers head. Dilli (Karthi) is coming out of jail after ten years to meet his daughter. How these two seemingly unrelated events collide together and the change Bejoy and Dilli’s life is the basic story of the movie.


Karthi is sensational in Khaidi. He brings back his raw and rugged charm of Paruthiveeran to the fore after a long time. There is a sustained intensity throughout that is correctly blended with internal emotional turmoil. The resultant outcome is one for ages and is sure to win accolades and applauds.

Many scenes stand out, but the pre-interval action block and the post-interval sentimental flashback stand out. They bring out different shades of feelings in the audience mind. It highlights the acting prowess of Karthi.

Narain plays a critical supporting role in the movie. He is present throughout and handles the key sequences very well. The scenes between him and Karthi too have come out superbly and are vital in involving us in the story.

The rest of the cast comprises of smaller but impactful parts played by many actors. They are all adequate and deliver the required.




Gets a little slow at times


Lokesh Kanagarajan has come up with a challenging subject. He gives away the entire premise in the trailer itself. Khaidi is all about the survival of a person through the night battling all the odds to meet his daughter.

On paper, the storyline is extremely thin and simple. In an inexperienced hand, the whole thing could have turned out to be a mess. But, Lokesh Kanagarajan has handled the entire story like a senior and seasoned director.

The screenplay is superb. It helps keeps the audience on the edge of their seats throughout. One cannot guess what is in store next and how the narrative is going to pan out. Add, the gripping and concentrated effort in direction, Khaidi turns out to be an engaging fare that is riveting from start to the end.

The first half takes time to get going, but as soon as Karthi is brought into the picture, the whole thing gets on tracks. The right moments keep coming things get escalated and elevated during the pre-interval and interval period.

The second half packs more emotion, action, and thrill to the proceedings. The climax blows one mind away with the way the feelings have been channeled. Overall, Khaidi is a thrilling ride that should not be missed.

The background score by Sam C S is exemplary. It gives the narrative an extra edge with the unique sounds incorporating the landscape. The cinematography by Sathyan Sooryan is fantastic. The entire movie has been shot in the night, and the effect it creates in building the mood is amazing. The editing is fabulous as well.

The producers deserved hats off and, be applauded for sticking to a story that is deprived of the usual entertainment choices like the heroine, items songs, and comedy, etc. Similarly, KK Radha Mohan needs to be appreciated for bringing this unique entertainer to Telugu audience on his Sri Sathya Sai banner.

Bottom-line: Thrilling And Unforgettable Journey

Rating: 3.5/5


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