King Nagarjuna Comes Forward To Adopt 1000 Acres Forest


Green India Challenge Reaches Big Boss House. Big Boss appreciates Green India Challenge Founder Santosh for Crores if saplings Plantation:

Big Boss Host Nagarjuna urged everyone to plant tree saplings in the next three weeks and give a fitting finale to 2021

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When Big Boss Host Nagarjuna asked Green India Challenge Founder and Rajya Sabha MP Santosh Kumar how many saplings were planted under Green India Challenge, a smiling Santosh Kumar replied, “ we have planed 16 crore plants.”

This lead to an interesting discussion between Nagarjuna and Santosh Kumar.

The Big Boss House gave a message to the TV viewers on Plantation and Green India Challenge.

The Green India Challenge slogan reverberated in the Big Boss House Show.

To send a good message to crores of people about the Green Challenge programme and its Nobel aim, the producers of the Big Boss Show made Green India Challenge as part of the show. They sent a message to the world that greenery is the only progressive way for tomorrow.

Nagarjuna urged the contestants and viewers to plant every three trees in the rest of the three weeks of 2021 and give a befitting finish to the year.

He Rajya Sabha MP and founder of the Green India Challenge Sri J Santosh Kumar on to the stage.

He stated that “Santosh Kumar almost made it his daily routine for the last four to five years regarding plantation. He appreciated the GIC founder’s efforts.

If one individual with his thought, aim to keep nature protected can plant 16 crore plants, imagine how many crores of plants one can plant if Big Boss House gives a call,” Nagarjuna tried to instil challenging spirit among the contestants and viewers. Nagarjuna told viewers that to contain global warming and to continue our existence on the Planet, the only way is to plant trees.

Speaking on the occasion, Santosh Kumar said,” we have taken up the Green India Challenge programme to make everyone plant trees and protect them.
He stated that Stars and Celebrities adopted forests. Prabhas adopted 1643 acres, Hetero Drugs Parthasarathy Reddy 2500 acres of forestland and growing them. We are continuing our tree planting Yagna. We will take forward the programme with all our energies and strength. Through you, our GIC has reached crores of people. I thank Nagarjuna Garu, Star MAA, Big Boss producers, contestants and technicians.

Speaking on the occasion, Nagarjuna said, ”The Green India Challenge programme started by Santosh Kumar, his words and deeds have moved me. I will also adopt a forest wherever he identifies and grow it. I will do my responsibility towards the society.”

Nagarjuna planted the sapling given by RS MP Santosh at the Big Boss House and promised to continue the spirit of Santosh Kumar on environmental protection.


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