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Kitty Party’ is a strictly women-centric movie written and directed by Sundar Pavan. It stars Bhagyasri, Madhubala, Sada, Suman Ranganathan, Deepthi Bhatnagar, Hariteja, Pooja Jhaveri and Harshavardhan Rane in the lead roles.

The promising film’s logo was launched today (Wednesday) at Annapurna Studios. The main cast members and others graced the occasion.

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Speaking on the occasion, director Sundar Pavan said, “It wouldn’t have been possible to bring the actresses together without the support of producer Bhogendhra Guptha garu. These actresses belong to different age groups and lifestyles. A few of them have not been into films for some years. I hope ‘Kitty Party’ works big time. Cinematographer Sai Sriram is a brilliant technician. Sidharth Sadasivuni’s (music director) music is going to be a highlight. Ours is a straight film based on some true-to-life incidents. The film comes with a different feel and look. A small schedule is going on currently.”

Bhagyasri said, “It’s so difficult for a man to handle one woman in his life. And our director is handling seven of us (laughs). Director Pavan is a man who has seen from the woman’s perspective. I am glad to be working with such a director. The film is not just about having fun. The film is also about growing together, working for a better lifestyle, etc. It’s slightly like ‘Desperate Housewives’ and ‘Sex And The City’. In Kitty Party’s characters, you will see one or the other woman in your life.”

Madhubala said, “I am grateful to the director and the producer for this movie. Pavan is a young director with his own sensibilities. The makers have faith and courage in the movie’s subject. It feels great to be doing this film when we are not 16-something. A few of us have aged. And we have got this opportunity to be the leads in a film the way it happens in Hollywood. If Hollywood can do, why can’t we? I am playing Pooja Jhaveri’s mother in the movie. It makes me feel very happy to play a main role. Suman and Bhagyasri are my childhood friends and it feels great to be working with them.”

Sada said, “Doing this film is a one-of-its-kind experience. Whenever a movie is announced, people ask who is the hero. We are very happy that, for a change, here is a film without a male lead. Pavan is the best director to deal with this subject. After Shankar, he is the one director I have seen who is into so much detailing. He is very particular about the looks, etc. And this is the first time in my career that I have done a workshop before shooting for the movie. The producer is not ready to compromise in terms of investment.”

Deepthi Bhatnagar said, “It feels great to be in Hyderabad after 20 long years. This city has always been my first love. I am very upbeat to be teaming up with this team. We have had so much fun. Pavan is a young and dynamic director. We need the audience’s love and support.”

Hariteja said, “It’s a party-type movie. A few women go into teenage after a phase of increased responsibilities in their lives. There is more to the movie than this. More strength to the director. I am happy to be playing a nice character in Kitty Party.”

Suman Ranganathan said, “I am so happy to be back to Telugu. I have done three Telugu movies in the past. I thank the producer for this wonderful opportunity. The script is the film’s hero.”

Pooja Jhaveri said, “I was a little scared initially to work with experienced and lovely ladies like these. But the moment I started interacting with them, my fear was gone. The title of the movie says it all. The director has come out of the mould of the conventional Telugu cinema to make ‘Kitty Party’. It’s going to be a kickass movie for sure.”

Music director Sidharth Sadasivuni said that he had worked on the movies ‘Kshanam’, ‘Napolean’ and others in the past. “There are six tunes for the six actresses, appropriate for their characters. You will see a party song and more in the movie. The project is going to be huge audio wise and visually,” he added.

Bhogendhra Guptha, the producer, described Pavan as a co-operative director.

Bhagyasri, Madhubala, Sada, Suman Ranganathan, Deepthi Bhatnagar, Hariteja, Pooja Jhaveri and Harshavardhan Rane.

Music: Sidharth Sadasivuni; Lyrics: Rakendhra Mouli, Chaitanya Prasad, Kittu; Editor: Karthika Srinivas; Cinematography: Sai Sriram; Art Direction: Ram Kumar; Choreography: Anee, Shiva Thurlapati; Executive Producer: Ramana Reddy. S; Co-Producer: Shiva Thurlapati; Producer: Bhogendhra Guptha; Story, screenplay, dialogues, direction: Sundar Pavan.

PRO: Beyond Media (NAIDU-PHANI)


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