Krithi Shetty About Shyam Singha Roy


Krithi Shetty after her sensational debut in Uppena appeared in her second film ‘Shayam Singha Roy’ with Natural Star Nani. SSR was released worldwide on December 24th and running with very good responses all over. On this occasion, Krithi Shetty shared her experiences about the film. 

– There is a lot of difference between Bebamma in Uppena and Keerthi in Shyam Singha Roy. I watched a lot of Telugu films to know more about village girls for Uppena whereas I watched English films for my role in Shyam Singha Roy.

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– I hate smoking. Initially, I requested director Rahul to reconsider the smoking scene. He told me that I have to transform into the role of Keerthi and brought a no nicotine herbal cigarette. I practiced for three days to feel comfortable doing that scene.

– I felt tense when I first met Nani garu. But, he made me comfortable by saying encouraging words and giving positive feedback for my performance.  

– Many say that doing bold scenes will show you in a bad light. But, it is pure professionalism. We should keep our efforts the same as an actor, be it a bold scene or an action scene. It should be necessary and a connection to the story.  

– My father has watched the film and liked my performance very much. He said that I looked quite different in the film.

– I have always wanted to do a wide variety of roles. I decide about doing a film after considering how important my role is in the film. I want to have a new learning experience with my character. 

– I loved Sai Pallavi’s performance and dance in the film. Nani garu transforms himself into the character he does. I liked his films MCA and Ninnu Kori. 

– I want to do an action film. I am more into dancing. It will be physically challenging to do an action film. I want to explore that avenue also. I didn’t get any OTT offers. But, I also do them if I get any exciting roles. I am grateful that I was approached by many directors even before the release of Uppena. Many of them are very good but I have to choose which suits me.

– I completed my work for ‘Bangarraju’ yesterday. It will be coming soon. ‘Aa Ammayi Gurinchi Meeku Cheppali’ might release in a couple of months. Ram’s film (RAPO) and Macharla Niyojagavargam are undershooting. 

– I met Sukumar garu many times during Uppena. It will be a very good learning experience working in his direction. 


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