MAA proudly announces the celebration of 90 glorious years of Telugu cinema As Navatīhi Utsavam


Movie Artist Association proudly announces the celebration of 90 glorious years of Telugu cinema, commemorating its rich history, ground-breaking achievements, and enduring contributions to the world of cinema. Navatīhi Utsavam 2024 is the name of the event to be celebrated splendidly in July, this year. A press meet was held at Park Hyatt in Hyderabad to make the announcement about the event which was attended by MAA President Vishnu Manchu, Vice President Madala Ravi, Treasurer Siva Balaji, EC Members, and a few Malaysian Dignities.

Actress Madhumitha acted as the host for this program. She described the excellence of Telugu cinema since its inception in 1932 and about the Movie Artist Association which was started in 1993 and the work done by ‘MAA’ in the last two years. Later, Vishnu Manchu formally started this press meet.

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*Advisor Datuk P Kamalanathan who came all the way from Malaysia to attend the event said,* “Thank you Vishnu Manchu for giving me this opportunity. I spoke to Vishnu Manchu several times. Every time I talked to him, he spoke more about “MAA” (Movie Artist Association), about the welfare work to be done for the members, their insurance, medical, and the education of the children of the artists. He used to talk about ‘MAA’ whenever we met. We are going to organize this “MAA” event grandly in Malaysia. Thanks to the Malaysian Government in this regard. Thank you, Vishnu Manchu, for introducing Malaysian tourism to ‘MAA’.

*Razaidi Abdul Rahim, the representive of Malaysia Tourism Director India and Sri Lanka, said,* “I have come here on behalf of Malaysia Tourism Director. ‘MAA’ event will be held in Malaysia in July. Malaysia is very happy to collaborate with MAA for this event. Thanks Vishnu Manchu. We welcome everyone to Malaysia. India-Malaysia shares good relations. Tourism Malaysia is supporting this program which will be very useful for our tourism industry. See you in Malaysia.”

*Vishnu Manchu said,* “Thanks to Kamalnathan who came here from Malaysia and also to the Tourism Department. Two years ago, we decided to organize the celebration of 90 glorious years of Telugu cinema event. We wanted to make this event grand and very successful by remembering many actors from the Telugu film industry. But due to some unavoidable reasons, the program keeps getting postponed. We also want to do fundraising for “MAA” from this program. We decided to collaborate with the Malaysian government. Kamalanathan Garu supported me two years ago when I had an accident while shooting in Malaysia. We are going to organize the biggest movie event on behalf of ‘MAA’ in Malaysia in July. The dates are not fixed yet. We will announce the date after talking to the seniors of the film industry. We will make sure everyone will attend the event. It is the golden era for Telugu cinema. We are all proud as Telugu actors. We are going to celebrate this Navatīhi Utsavam to show the glory of Telugu cinema. Amitabh Bachchan, Anil Kapoor, and many other actors were introduced through Telugu cinema. Megastar Chiranjeevi receiving Padma Vibhushan is a great accomplishment. The slogan ‘Mana Jai Balayya’ is heard everywhere. My brother Allu Arjun brought home the first National Award in the lead actor category. Prabhas is the highest-paid Indian actor. Mahesh Babu and Rajamouli’s movie is going to be the biggest budget movie in Asia. Rajamouli introduced Telugu cinema to the world. Keeravani is the first Telugu technician to win an Oscar. We are achieving a lot like this. So, it is the right time to celebrate. We are happy that the Government of Malaysia is supporting us. There are more than 800 artists in ‘MAA’. But only a few of them are well-settled. We are doing this fundraising to assist the needy. The medical insurance program also assisted many. We spoke with the chamber and asked all the actors to make their presence. We have asked for a two-day holiday for the film industry. Dil Raju Garu and Damu Garu assured their support. We will soon announce the date of this Navatīhi Utsavam. We have collaborated with all the film industries of neighboring states. Many actors from other industries are also going to attend the event.”

*Edwin Anandaraj, local event organizer in Malaysia, MC Entertainments said,* “Thanks to the Vishnu Manchu for giving me this opportunity. We have already organized many events in Malaysia. We will make this event a grand success in Malaysia.”

*Rahul Reddy of Octopus Studio, which is supporting the fundraising for this event, said,* “We organize global events. The biggest artist association event in the world is going to be organized. All this is possible because of Vishnu Manchu. The hard work and dedication of Vishnu Manchu for the welfare of MAA is truly inspiring.”


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