Mahesh Babu Recommends A Book This Week

Mahesh Babu Recommends A Book This Week

Super Star Mahesh Babu is making perfect use of his free time spending quality time with his family members, doing different kinds of activities to make himself engaged during this coronavirus pandemic. Mahesh Babu has also become quite active in social media too, he is sharing a lot of things and it’s revealing a major unknown, hidden side of the hero to his fans, followers along with the world too.

Today Mahesh Babu has appealed once again to appeal to everyone to wear masks, be safe, install the Aarogya Setu app and he also recommends a book to all through his social media accounts. on part of his activities, Super Star Mahesh suggested the international number one bestseller “Emotional Intelligence” by author Daniel Goleman for this week to his followers and he posted the same in his Instagram account as

“#EmotionalIntelligence!! Scientific and groundbreaking. A total game-changer… highly recommended👍 This week belongs to Daniel Goleman!! “


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