Mahesh Babu Wife Namrata Took #SafeHands Challange

Namrata Took SafeHands Challange

Yesteryears Actress Namrata Shirodkar has stayed away from acting in movies after she married Super Star Mahesh Babu in 2005. But she did not completely distance herself from the glamour world of cinema and keeps managing their own film production house along with the brand endorsement, the rest of the works related to Mahesh Babu movies. Namratha Shirodkar is also very active on social media and keeps sharing a lot of pictures, videos of her family keeping her followers engaged from time to time.

Namrata has taken the #SafeHands challenge and posted a video on her Instagram as per part to bring awareness on the deadly coronavirus. Yesteryears Actress Namrata Shirodkar is the first Telugu female celebrity to participate in the#SafeHands challenge and she urged to beat the covid19 and updated her status as

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” Washing hands the right way can prove most effective in keeping COVID-19 at bay !! Spend 20-40 seconds scrubbing off all those germs. Let’s beat this together! Stay safe & stay healthy! #SafeHands #COVID19 @who 👉


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