Mahesh Urges Everyone To Be Cautious

Mahesh Urges To Be Cautious About Dengue

From the last few weeks the number of people suffering from viral fever, dengue is increasing at a rapid speed in both the Telugu states. Even the respective state government, GHMC officials are doing the required work for the prevention of the dangerous virus and even requesting the common people to take preventive measures.

Superstar Mahesh Babu has also requested everyone to be more cautious about the viral fever and dengue virus through his social media platform. Mahesh has shared the tweet made by the Telangana state Minister KTR and posted his request for his followers to be careful of the viral fever, dengue virus.

Mahesh Babu tweeted as,

“Dengue & viral fever has become an epidemic in the city. Do an extra bit in keeping your premises & neighborhood free from water stagnation. Be vigilant & take care of yourself, Hyderabad.”


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