‘Mallesham’ Movie Review


Title: Mallesham

CBFC Rating : U

Run-Time: 2 Hrs 12 Mins

Release Date: 21-06-2019

Banner: Studio 99 Films, Suresh Productions

Cast: Priyadarshi, Ananya, Jhansi, Chakrapani and Others

Music: Mark K Robin

Cinematography: Balu Sandilyasa

Editing: Raghavender

Producer: Raj R, Sri Adhikari

Directed by Raj R

Story :

Mallesham is a biopic on the life of Padma Shri Award winner person of the same name. The struggles he has gone through in his life and his ultimate invention that changed the lives of weavers forever is the basic story of the film, which is told straightforwardly.


Priyadarshi who has successfully carved a niche for himself as a comedian and occasional supporting actor is making debut as a solo lead with Mallesham. He is lucky to get such a project for his re-introduction as hero.

The simplicity and realistic portrayal of the real-life personality is the biggest challenge of Mallesham. Priyadarshi succeeds with flying colours in the attempt. He brings an earthy charm to the character, which is instantly relatable. There are many simple yet emotional moments which he has delivered convincingly without going overboard. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity that Priyadarshi makes the best use and gives a memorable role.

Ananya beautifully compliments the work of Priyadarshi. Together they look like a real-life pair, and that is a major victory for the actress. The casual way in which she calls him ‘Baava’ is sure to stay with us. The pre-interval dramatic confrontation and the small joys she shares with Priyadarshi are a delight to watch on screen.

Jhansi is a superb actor, and whenever she gets the scope to do so in any supporting role, she shines. Mallesham is another example of the same. The actress gets it right, the accent and the various emotions associated with the part of the mother.

The director wonderfully etches the rest of the supporting cast. The fact that we remember the characters only instead of the actors is a sign of the excellent work they have done.

Highlights :




Emotional Connect

Drawbacks :

Is too slow at times


Raj R has taken a very relatable and inspiring subject for Mallesham. The real-life person is a Padma Shri award winner, and his work for the betterment of the weaving community needs to be seen by a broader audience.

The director takes a simple linear narrative style and focuses on the content instead of the form. The emphasis is on the emotions with a rooted appeal to them. And at the same time present it entertainingly and engagingly without boring the audience. Raj R succeeds in an engaging way, overall.

The movie opens with childhood days and the problem with viewing and how the weavers are suffering due to the manual work is poignantly established. We can feel the hard work done by them, and that is the first significant success of the director.

The changing times and tastes of the people are neatly juxtaposed with the increasing struggles and abandonment of the work by the weavers. It increases the motivation to achieve for the central character, which is further interestingly told. The interpersonal relationship and the time it takes to reach the goal finally are organically shown with going for too much commercialism. It is this aspect which separates a Mallesham from other similar inspiring tales.

Overall, the hard realities and struggle of Mallesham make it an engaging fare from start to the end. The slow pacing is an issue, but that doesn’t become much trouble once one is connected to the core issue.

The music by Mark K Robin is excellent for the subject. The folk songs are neatly blended into the narrative. The background score is suitable to the proceedings. The cinematography by Balu Sandilyasa is beautiful, keeping the limitations in mind. The editing is decent. Ashok Peddinti has done a fantastic job with the dialogues.

And lastly, the producers must be appreciated for backing such a subject. They deserve all the applause along with Suresh Productions which has aggressively supported the product with a lot of heart. It encourages others to make movies like an art rather than serving up the commercial potboilers all the time.

Bottom-line: Inspiring Heart Touching Biopic

Rating: 3/5


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