My Ideology Of Film Making Matches With RGV & Puri -“ Romantic ” Director Anil Paduri

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VFX technician Anil Paduri is turning as Director with Akash Puri and Ketika Sharma starrer ‘ Romantic ‘. Puri Jgannadh and Charmme are Producing this film under Puri Connects Banner. ‘ Romantic ‘ is all set to release on Oct 29th Worldwide. On this note, Anil Paduri gave an exclusive Interview to ShivaKumar B for IndustryHit. Read on to know more about interesting insights…
What is Anil Without Puri Jagannadh and Charmme ?
– I have my own space and company in CGI. Puri gar has opened a new gate for me as a director
You are already in the CGI department. How come you became a Director ?
– For any craft in 24 crafts there is a certain limitation. So does the CGI department. Jagan garu asked me to become a Director while discussing CGI for a film. He made me a Director.
You became a director under the production of a well-established big director. How do you manage to show your mark in the film ?
– I am very confident about my work. Everyone has their own mark, style. I made this film from my perspective. 
Big Directors already have their own style and their Production reflects their mark. How do you overcome this ?
– The best part is I know that I will have full freedom in this project. Initially when Jagan garu narrated this script to me, He was planning to direct the film. I just listened to the script from a VFX perspective only.  Later I became Director for ‘ Romantic ‘. I made some changes and locked the script. Jagan garu gave me a freehand for this film. 
Why did you fix ‘ Romantic ‘ as the title for this film ? What are the other titles you considered for this film ?
–  Right from the beginning Puri garu fixed the title of the film as ‘ Romantic ‘. But, after I shot some scenes, me and Charmme garu thought about going with ‘ Vasco Da Gama ‘ which is the name of the hero character in the film. Ramu garu also agreed with the title. After a certain period, Ramu garu said to fix the title as ‘ Romantic ‘. He explained why and I am convinced with him. After I asked Puri garu about his inner opinion, He said he wrote the story with ‘Romantic’ as the title in his mind.  I fixed that. At Ismart Shankar success Celebrations, Ramu garu again said to name the film ‘ Vasco Da Gama’ and gave an explanation for that too. But, I was already fixed for ‘Romantic’.  
There was a fire accident while shooting for this film. What exactly happened ?
– While we were shooting villain place scenes at an old star hotel in Hyderabad,  The spark of a bullet created a fire and damaged some part of the set. But, many said that there is a sentiment in Film Industry, If a fire accident happens on set then it will do good for the film. 
Tell us about other characters apart from Hero and Heroine ?
– Ramya Krishna garu played one of the main roles. Her presence added much value to the film and the span of the film too became big. She gave very good support and exactly how I wanted for the scene.   Makarand Deshpande, Sunaina, Uttej, Ravi Awana did other important roles.
There are currently two categories of Directors: those who write their own scripts and those who make films with other’s scripts. Anil falls into which category ?
– I write my own films. So, I fall in the first category. I love making my own stories into films.
Which film influenced you to become a Director ?
– I never wanted to become a director. I love ‘ Dalapathy ‘, ‘ Nayakudu ‘, ‘ Bombay ‘. So, I mostly love Maniratnam gari films. 
This film was under production for more than two years. As this is your first film as a director, how did you manage the stress while waiting during this period ?
– I didn’t feel any stress while making the film. The film was completed before the first lockdown. But, I felt stressed due to personal problems. My son was born during that period. He was underweight and needed to stay in the ICU for two months. After that we need to take care of him for one year. My wife supported me alot and she took all the pain.
Prabhas, Vijay Deverakonda are promoting your first film. How do you feel about it ?
– That’s all because of Jagan garu. They have very close relations with Jagan garu. They liked the trailer and content of the film. They are good people and Very thankful for them. 
RGV, Puri Jagannadh and Charmme are very practical and they don’t bother about anything. What is their influence on you, how did they shape you as a person and Director ?
– I already have Ramu gari influence on me.  Jagan garu implements his idea very quickly. Ram garu is quicker than him. They don’t bother about what the other’s might think about what they believe. My ideology also matches with them. I learned to make films quickly from them. 
Tell us about Producers of ‘ Romantic ‘ ?
– Jagan garu and Charmme garu are beautiful Producers. They never questioned anything about my work and provided what I wanted. We never discussed money matters. Our relationship is very pure.  They never talked about the budget of the film. They gave me full freedom.
What is ‘ Romantic ‘ offering to the audiences ?
– ‘ Romantic ‘ will be equally loved by Youth and Families. But, due to the promotional material everyone is thinking that this is only for the youth audience. Once the film releases, Family audience will also love this film. There is no vulgarity and it has a very good philosophy.  It celebrates the journey of two characters. This story is dipped in music to give a fresh flavor. 


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