Naga Chaitanya Lists Out His Favourite TV Series

Naga Chaitanya Lists Out His Favourite TV Series

COVID pandemic has forced everyone to stay at home which gives ample time to do the things which we usually can’t find time to do them. Most of us have been exploring OTT during this lockdown period. Celebrities are no exception to this. Yuva Samrat Naga Chaitanya is also watching popular TV Series during this lockdown period and he lists out his favorite among them in an Instagram post. Chernobyl, Devs, The Family Man, Formula 1, Dark, Modern Love are on the list.

He posted them as, ” My lockdown favorites. Some brilliant performances, writing, and production values. Really inspiring to see this content out there… Check it out if you haven’t already.”

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Here’s the list posted by Yuva Samrat Naga Chaitanya in his Instagram account,


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