Nagarjuna Advice On COVID19

Nagarjuna Advice On COVID19

Increasing Coronavirus positive cases in India with each passing day and especially in Telangana state it’s raising high alert red flags. COVID19 is spreading like wildfire and starting from common people to politicians, government employees, actors, health care workers, celebrities are becoming victims of this deadly virus. In the celebrities circles popular fashion designer Shilpa Reddy, her husband is tested positive for coronavirus and Shilpa Reddy has shared in her social media account about being infected by COVID19. Shilpa Reddy took the entire thing on a positive note and even made a video explaining the measuring steps to be taken in fighting the coronavirus through her Instagram account along with showing her brave heart. King Nagarjuna Akkineni has expressed his thoughts about the coronavirus situation and advised all to go through his dear friend Shilpa Reddy experience along with wishing her to come out of the COVID19 very soon. King Nagarjuna tweeted on the same as

“ As the cases of #COVID__19 increase in the world, The only weapon right now seems to be being healthy in mind & body. Our dear friend #Shilpareddy and her husband experienced the virus and came out of it shining!!👍💐 Listen to her experience..inspiring!!🙏 “


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