Nani Hints About His Role in Gang Leader


Natural Star Nani has taken up the responsibility of the promotions of his upcoming film “Gang Leader” and its evident when we watch his timeline in social media platforms. Nani has unveiled a new poster of Gang Leader through his official social media account along with mentioning that a new teaser will be released on 24th July 2019 from the film.

In the process of disclosing the news about the new teaser that will be released tomorrow, the Natural Star has hinted about his character from the movie. Nani has informed that his pen name from the film is “Pencil” and said to get ready to meet his gang on 24th July with the Gang Leader teaser that will be released online at 11 am. The background with a pile of books in the racks and a pencil in the hand of Nani clearly shows that he is playing a writer in Gang Leader and the pen name he mentioned in the tweet double confirms the role the Natural Star is going to portray.

Director Vikram Kumar has already given enough hints about the content of the “Gang Leeder” through his posters, special teasers, etc. Till now with the clues that are given by Gang Leader, it hints that Nani is playing a crime writer and the five women will take the help of the hero to take their revenge while director Vikram Kumar gives his own spin with an interesting screenplay to the movie. 


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