Nani’s Gang Leader Heading Towards 1 Million Mark

Nanis Gangleader USA Collections

Natural Star Nani has come with his REVENGER GANG in the form of “Gang Leader” movie before audiences. As expected, the film has opened with positive reviews, houseful boards before movie theatres despite Ganesh nimajjanam and long weekend keeping two states moviegoers occupied a bit.

On the collection front, Nani’s Gang Leader is going strong in both Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and it is also fetching money equally in the overseas market. As per official reports, Nani’s Gang Leader film is heading towards 1 million mark at the USA box office at rocket speed.

On the premieres day, Nani’s Gang Leader collected $ 186378, on Friday the film made $162707 while on Saturday the movie minted $257270 and on Sunday a whopping $120697 and counting. By end of the week, Nani’s Gang Leader collected $730k+ and marching towards the 1 million milestone at the USA box office.


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