Nikhil’s Perfect Planning In 21 Days Lockdown

Nikhil 21 days challenge

Young hero Nikhil is doing his bit of contribution in the battle against the deadly coronavirus by providing the hand sanitizers, face masks to the doctors, police department and also to the common man.

Nikhil on the flip side is working on his body and his perfect planning in 21 days lockdown period is turning fruitful as expected.

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On 20th March 2020 hero Nikhil has mentioned to his followers that in a couple of weeks he is going to post a shirtless picture as he started working out for a toned body with some abs to display and as promised today he has shared a shirtless photo in social media disclosing the result of his efforts with a mirror selfie.

Nikhil has set the best example for everyone to make the right use of the quarantine time at home setting personal goals and working out to lead a healthier lifestyle.


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