No Gym Excuse For Successful Producer


Fitness has become the first priority for celebrities these days and many won’t skip the gym even on holidays or festivals without taking a break from their workout sessions. Successful producer Charmee Kaur is one of them after she took a break from her acting career and totally concentration on her production house.

Even on the eve of Christmas also Charmee Kaur has hit the gym and continued her workout session without giving break to her fitness plan. She shared about losing 5 kgs weight with her followers along with a picture from her workout session.

Her fresh better version of losing ample weight says it all the efforts Charmee is keeping in the gym to bring the better version of herself. Charmee surprised everyone with her new fitter version during Ismart Shankar release time and for her next release Romantic she will surely spellbound all with her new transformation without any doubt.


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