Not Far From The Film Industry But Acting – Isha Chawla

Isha chawla Not Far From The Film Industry But Acting

Isha Chawla, a Talented Actress in many Telugu films, is once again busy as an actress. Her latest Newlook photos are going viral. It is remarkable that those who have seen her after many days of the gap, say that the shortage of heroines in Telugu!

If you ask her about this, she said many things. ” Auntie! Many are asking the same. Where to go! Like everyone else in this lockdown period, I was stroked in Mumbai. Admission to the Ayurveda course in the meantime to increase the monotony. I have gained more prominence in yoga practice as work at work. Through yoga, many people had the opportunity to motivate themselves during this time. What I learned became useful. This is something that has given me great pleasure.

Cooking in the free time, reading books, listening to mind-blowing music seemed tempting. I woke up early in the morning, watching the sunrise and the evening sunset and seeing the beauty of nature all around us. The enjoyment of drinking a cup of tea in the evenings is not unexpected.

In addition, we have many unique needs through the Ananya Foundation, launched in 2017. In addition, the Foundation provides services to those suffering from stress and to those who may need counseling while having some thoughts. O Helpline is working for such people.

We are trying our best to make this existing switch
The helpline is also working on an animal guard like Street Dogs and Cats. I recently rescued a cat from risk. It’s my responsibility to take care of the cat!
The helpline is conducting awareness programs on cleanliness and hygiene during this rainy season. As part of this, the streets are clean and bleaching.

Some years away from the industry. Being in S did not make the pictures okay. I was distanced from the film industry, but not far from acting. Music Director R. P. Patnaik and Dance Master Bhanu have made many appearances, especially in Sri Lanka. Currently doing a web series in Hindi. Due to COVID, it is being delayed. Two films in Telugu and two in Tamil became final. Again Telugu is to do more films. The Telugu sector always treats me like a child. My first introduction to Telugu was as an actress. That is why Telugu films have my preference. The Telugu film industry is kind of like my hometown. That’s why I am happy to come here again, ” he says. Tollywood film scholars say that Isha Chawla once again has a lot of chances.
So ….. Actress Isha Chawla Telugu once again proves her talent–


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