Oxygen Movie Review


Title :Oxygen
CBFC Rating :
Run-Time :
2 Hrs 36 Mins
Release Date :
Banner :
Shri Sai Ram Creations
Cast :
Gopichand, Raashi Khanna, Anu Emmanuel, Jagapathy Babu, Chandramohan, Brahmaji, Shyam, Ali, Abhimanyu Singh and Others
Music :
Yuvan Shankar Raja
Chota.K.Naidu – Vettri
Producer :
Jyothi Krishna


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Two faction groups headed by Raghupathi (Jagapathy babu) and Veerabhadram (Sayaji Shinde) are always at loggerheads. Veerabhadram tries to eliminate the family of Raghupathi. To protect his family Raghupathi wants to marry his daughter Shruthi (Raashi Khanna) to NRI Krishna Prasad (Gopi Chand). But, Shruthi doesn’t want to leave her family and tries to stop her marriage. Meanwhile Krishna Prasad saves Raghupathi’s family from Veerabhadram’s attack. When all is going well, here comes the twist which reveals Krishna Prasad is on a mission. What is his mission ? How it is related to Raghupathi’s family frms the rest of the story.


Macho Star Gopi Chand lives up to his tag at action sequences. He is superb during pre-interval fight. He looks smart in this film. Though it is a regular character for him, Gopi carried it with ease especially during second half. Raashi Khanna did well and she looks good onscreen. Anu Emmanuel has a limited but crucial role. She did okay on her part. Jagapathy Babu, Chandramohan, Brahmaji, Shyam, Ali, Abhimanyu Singh are adequate and did justice to their roles.


Suspense Factor
Interval Twist
Second Half


First Hour with regular scenes
Lengthy Duration


Director Jothi Krishna comes up with an interesting script. The suspense element is well maintained. Though the first hour is filled with regular scenes, he made the heads turn with interesting twist towards interval. This rises curiosity among audiences about the second half. The second half has been handled well where he revealed the actual content. Jothi Krishna comes up with an interesting message mixed with revenge story. He succeeded in delivering it. Though it has good emotional scenes etched with a social message in second half, the inconsistency in screenplay made this tiresome at parts. Lesser duration with better scenes during first hour would have made this film more interesting.

Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja is just okay and CInematography by Chota K Naidu & Vetri is colorful. Editing could have been better. Production Values are decent.

Bottom-Line : Decent Action Film With A Good Concept
Rating : 2.75/5


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