Raj Tarun survives safely in a road accident

Raj Tarun Survives Car Accident

Young hero Raj Tarun survived from a major accident that took place last night in the outskirts of Hyderabad. Thankfully, the actor came out with no injuries and is doing perfectly fine. The accident took place on the outer ring road near Alkapur area of Narsingi division.

The accident took place when Raj Tarun’s car hit the divider. The car has been damaged significantly but the actor is perfectly safe. He soon left the place in another vehicle.

Meanwhile, after the incident happened, the media and news channels started to report that actor Tarun (Nuvve Kavali, Nuvve Nuvve fame) met with the accident. Tarun was flooded with calls from media and friends and the actor came out and said that he is doing good and didn’t meet with an accident. He also added that he is at home last night and so is his vehicle.


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