Rakul Preet Impresses As Avantika in Manmadhudu 2


As promised by the young director Rahul Ravindran an exclusive character introduction teaser of heroine Rakul Preet Singh from Manmadhudu 2 is released. As it’s been hyped a lot about the character Avantika played by Rakul Preet, the special teaser showcase that she has got a role that will impress Telugu audiences for sure.

Meet Avantika teaser stars off by letting family members of Nagarjuna feel that she is the best choice and a perfect housewife material for the hero. Rakul was also looking beautiful in the traditional avatar with a big bright smile on her face. Then the next cut reveals the true character of Avantika who is a wild, modern day woman who holds no bar in anything she does just the opposite version of what Akkineni Nagarjuna family imagines about the new found love of the hero. Chinmayi dubbing to Rakul has brought the extra charm to the Avantika character.

Rakul Preet Singh and Nagarjuna onscreen chemistry is looking charming enough to make audiences believe in the content of the movie. Rakul has got the most bubbly, charming, cheerful role in Manmadhudu 2 and she is also appearing as a hot bomb that’s hard to handle on the big screen. After heroine Tabu and Anushka, it’s Rakul Preet Singh who has equally matched the persona of Nagarjuna. As it’s mentioned in the teaser “ YOU WILL LOVE HER OR YOU WILL HATE HER”, get ready to meet Avantika on 9th August 2019. 


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