Ranga Ranga Vaibhavamga Is An Entertaining Family Drama Filled With Romance, Comedy And Emotions – Vaisshnav Tej


Young Mega Hero Panja Vaisshnav Tej, after a Sensational debut with ‘Uppena’ and the acclaimed ‘Konda Polam’ is getting ready with Ranga Ranga Vaibhavanga’ which has been releasing on September 2nd. Touted to be a rom-com, co-staring Ketika Sharma RRV is Directed by Gireeshaya. Produced by BVSN Prasad. During his media interaction, Vaisshnav Tej talks about the film, about his co-star Ketika Sharma and more

About Role

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I am portraying an MBA student who has ego clashes with a female friend. When I listened to the script, I felt this is what the family audience would enjoy watching. I felt connected with its emotions. Every movie is based on the Puranas and things like that. That’s why the title ‘Ranga Ranga Vaibhavanga’. Beyond the inspiration, the story is original.

About Resemblances With Khushi

I don’t think our film is going to remind you of ‘Kushi’ (2001), which is an evergreen movie. There was no conscious attempt to fall back on its tropes. It’s also a coincidence that ‘RRV’ is getting released in theatres on Pawan garu’s birthday.

About The Film

It’s an entertaining family drama filled with romance, comedy and emotions. When I listened to the story, it felt nice and genuine. As an audience, I enjoyed the entertaining and comedy portions the most.

About Director Gireeshaya

Gireeshaya is a budding director. I have been listening to a number of scripts, but it is his script that felt fresh and made me want to take it up. He narrated the story with great conviction. The behaviors of the characters have been written in a slice-of-life fashion. The sensibilities are fresh.

About Working With Senior Actors

It was a wonderful experience working with senior artists like Naresh garu, Prabhu garu, Tulasi garu, and Naveen Chandra. They come with experience and are focused actors.

About Ketika Sharma

It was great working with Ketika Sharma. Thanks to her, I got to open up and shed my reticence. We became good friends.

About Imitating Pawan Kalyan

It has been commented that I imitated Pawan Kalyan garu naturally in ‘RRV’. I don’t have such caliber. In a scene, I have to exude shyness. I did it my way and ended up looking a bit like him. That’s all there is to it.

About Emoting With Eyes

I like to emote through my eyes. The audience connects with my performance also because of how I use my eyes. It’s true that a lot of people talk about my eyes. It’s a plus and I have to work towards sustaining the attractiveness. There is no pressure.

About Sai Dharam Tej

The other day, at the pre-release event, my brother (Sai Dharam Tej) turned emotional. It was not a staged outpouring of emotions. Not just him, everyone in the family treat me as the youngest one that I am. On the acting front, I take my own decisions.

About Taking Feedback

I definitely analyze the result of my movies after it is out. I do read feedback but I am not active on social media. I am not there with a pseudo account too on social media. So, I don’t consciously follow the reviews by Netizens. My friends are frank with me and their feedback is valuable. My mother, too, gives frank feedback.

About Future Films

I am not into pan-India movies right now. Whatever comes my way and excites me, I will take it up.

I am doing a film under Sithara Entertainments. The film is directed by newcomer N Srikanth Reddy. I am grateful that I am getting to do films with big banners. (Starring Sreeleela as the heroine, the film will head to theatres for Sankranthi next year).  


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