RGV Climax Movie Releasing Online

RGV Climax Movie Releasing Online

Director Ram Gopal Varma has surprised everyone in the film industry with the decision about the release of his new movie “Climax” that stars adult industry actress Mia Malkova in the lead role.

Out of the blue director, RGV shared the teaser of the “Climax” movie through his social media account and it gained the needed attention as usual because of various factors.

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Today CLIMAX trailer is released online by Ram Gopal Varma and the director also revealed details about the release date along with where the movie will be available for viewing.

Climax trailer flashes a little bit more inside about the plot of the film that has erotic, suspense touch of RGV throughout the trailer. Climax release date is locked as 29th May 2020 and will be streaming in Shreyas ET app on pay per view model. RGV has given his version of going for an online release with back to back tweets as

“ CLIMAX releasing on RGVWorld ONLINE THEATRE in @shreyaset APP May 29th, 11 Am on a pay per view model. VIEWING DETAILS SOON #RGVWorldTheatre #CLIMAX #ShreyasET. How color films overtook B/W films is how HOME viewing technologies are taking over. That’s why CLIMAX releasing In #RGVWorldTheatre. Releasing #CLIMAX on #RGVWorldTheatre in @shreyaset APP because unless entertainment industry updates itself with changing times and technologies it will bite the dust “


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