RGV Girl Dragon Enters Vizag Beach

RGV Girl Dragon

Controversial director Ram Gopal Varma’s love for legend Bruce Lee is well known to everyone and the filmmaker on many occasions mentioned the high influence of the famous martial artists in his movies. As a mark of respect and giving a new dimension in the martial arts-themed films, RGV is directing “Enter The Girl Dragon” movie with Pooja Bhalekar in the lead role and she is portraying the character of a disciple of Bruce Lee performing breathtaking action sequences.

In December 2019 the trailer of Enter The Girl Dragon is released online and it gave a glimpse of the core plot point along with rising expectations on India’s first female martial arts-based movie that is coproduced by RGV along with directing the film. Today the filming of a new schedule of Enter The Girl Dragon started in Visakhapatnam and director Ram Gopal Varma shared a couple of pictures from the location where Pooja Bhalekar is running at the beach shores of Vizag. RGV posted Pooja Bhalekar pictures with a tweet as

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“The #BruceLeeGirl running on a beach in Vizag in a shoot from Enter The Girl Dragon #EnterTheGirlDragon. Running like the wind. A pic on Vizag beach from #EnterTheGirlDragon @ipoojabhalekar


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