‘Sarvam Thaalamayam’ On March 8th


‘Sarvam Thaalamayam’ Starring GV Prakash, Aparna Balamurali, Directed by Rajiv Menon is releasing in Telugu on March 8th. The team held a press meet in Hyderabad on Sunday morning.

Rajiv Menon says, ” This film deals with Music, Merit, Success, and Failure. It also deals with the relationship between teacher and student. I decided to make this film while I was doing a documentary on Umayalpuram Sivaraman garu. Those who make ‘Mrudangam’ doesn’t know how to play it. The thought ‘What if they learn to play the instrument they make’, results in ‘Sarvam Thaalamayam’. For this film, GV Prakash learned mrudangam for one year under Sivaraman garu. Many musicians like Sumesh, Bombay Jayashree acted in this film. Rahman’s music is a big plus for this film. While I was writing a script for this film, I thought about a tune. When I asked Rahman to listen to it, He used it in this film. I like Rahman a lot since he was Dileep. Rahman used to watch old Russian classics. He was a student of Illayaraja as Dileep. Then he worked for Raj – Koti. When I made an AD on the boiler industry, He composed fusion music for it. When I wanted the sound of a breaking plate, everyone said ‘Dileep will do it’. Since then, whenever I wanted a breaking sound of something, He made it. One day he said that He will also compose good music apart from breaking sounds. Then we made 150 -200 jingles together. Meanwhile, He became music director with ‘Roja’. Rahman is the one who made me a Director with ‘Merupu Kalalu’. When AVM Banner wanted to do a good film, they wanted AR Rahman to be their music director. When they couldn’t approach Rahman, They called me and asked me about Rahman. I told to Rahman that it is a big banner and he should talk to them. Rahman and I went to AVM Studio. When Rahman asked them about the Director of the film, they said that only Prabhudeva has been confirmed so far and nothing was decided by then. Then Rahman recommended me as Director. That’s how I turned to a film director with ‘Merupu Kalalu’. Then I made ‘Priyuralu Pilichindi’. After 19 years I made this film. I will do films regularly. We worked a lot to narrate this story based on music. We also discussed caste topic. The film is releasing in Telugu on March 8th. I will never forget the moment when K.Viswanath garu kissed me on my forehead after watching this film.”

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Hero GV Prakash says, ” I am very happy that mamayya Rahman has composed music for my film. I worked very responsibly for this film. This film has a lot of importance. We performed very subtly. The film carries a very strong message. I learned Mrudangam for a year. After this film, I find a notable change in me as a music director too.”

Heroine Aparna Balamurali says, ” I thought it was a prank call when I received a call from Rajiv Menon’s office. I am very happy about doing this film. I did the role of Nurse Sarah in this film. She spokes softly in the film but a very strong character.”


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