Satheesh Malempati Directorial ‘Samidha’ Starring Akshith Shashikumar Begins In Telugu, Kannada, and Tamil Languages


Satheesh Malempati who made 5 popular short films like ‘Marmam’, ‘Kanulu Kalisaayi’ is making his debut as a Silverscreen Director. His Directorial titled ‘Samidha’ is being made in Telugu, Kannada, Tamil languages. Kannada Star Hero Shashikumar’s son Akshith Shashikumar is the Hero in this film. Undiporaadhey fame Anuvarna, Tamil actress Chandini are playing as heroines. Arunam Films is Producing this film. Pooja Ceremony of ‘Samidha’ took place at the Production Office in Hyderabad earlier today. Ashish gave the first clap while Rajendra Prasad switched on the camera for the Muhurtam shot. Makers are planning to start regular shoot from December 8th and to release the film as a summer special in 2021.

Director Satheesh Malempati said, ” ‘Samidha’ is my first film as a Director. Inspired by true events that took place in Rajasthan, I am making ‘Samidha’ a murder mystery thriller with all commercial elements in Telugu, Kannada, and Tamil languages. Kannada Star Hero Shashikumar’s son Akshith Shashikumar is playing as Hero in this film. Anuvarna and Chandini are Heroines. This film will engage the audience for two hours with twists and turns in the screenplay along with well-designed chases and action scenes. ‘Samidha’ will surely deliver the experience of a Perfect Thriller to the audience. Kannada’s title is ‘Samidh’. We will fix the Tamil title very soon. We are shooting the film in three languages and will dub it into Malayalam. Ravi Varma, Posani Krishna Murali, Ravi Kaale, KPY Bala, and other noted artists from three languages will play the key roles in the film. Shooting will take place in Hyderabad, Chennai, and Bengaluru. We are planning to release the film as a Summer Special in 2021.”

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Hero Akshith Shashikumar said, ” ‘Samidha’ is my second Telugu film. This film is a Thriller but it also has an in-built love story in it. I believe this film will surely bring me fame and a name as a hero. Heartful thanks to Director Satheesh Malempati Garu and Arunam Films for this opportunity.”

Heroine Anuvarna said, ” ‘Undiporaadhey’ is my first film as a heroine. Two films are ready to release. ‘Samidha’ is my fourth film as a heroine. My role in this film is quite thrilling. Thanks to Director Satheesh Malempati Garu for giving me this good opportunity. Thank you very much to everyone who is supporting me.”

Akshith Shashikumar, Anuvarna, Chandini, Ravi Varma, Posani Krishna Murali, Shravan, Ravi Kaale, Black Paandi, KPY Bala, Shankar Murthy, and others are the principal cast.

Cinematography: Satish Muthyala
Music: Bheems Cecirolio
Editing: B. Nageswara Reddy
Art: Murali
Production: Arunam Films Unit
Story, Screenplay, Dialogues, and Direction: Satheesh Malempati


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