‘7’ Movie Review


Title: Seven

CBFC Rating : UA

Run-Time: 1 Hrs 57 Mins

Release Date: 06-06-2019

Banner: Kiran Studios, Abhishek Pictures

Cast: Havish, Regina Cassandra, Nanditha Swetha, Tridha Choudary, Aditi Arya, Anisha Ambrose, Rehman, and Others

Music: Chaitan Bharadwaj

Cinematography: Nizar Shafi

Editing: Praveen KL

Producer: Ramesh Varma

Directed by Nizar Shafi

Story :

Ramya goes to a police station to complain about her missing husband Karthik (Havish). She is shocked to know that another girl Jenny has filed a similar case. The case gets further twist when an old mental patient says that Karthik is someone else and that they were close buddies. Who is Karthik really and what is his flashback is the overall story of the movie.


Havish plays a role with different shades to his character. It is sure to be a big challenging part in his career so far. Much of the film’s narrative depends on his charm to work out, and he is impressive. The flashback part especially stands out for a change into a rustic avatar. This will surely take him further in his career.

Regina is the scene stealer in the movie with her killer act. She raises the film with her presence and brilliant acting. The way it starts, normally, and grows into a maniac is a well-etched graph which has been neatly depicted by the actress on screen. Nandita Swetha, Anisha Ambrose, Tridha Choudhary, Poojitha Ponnada and Aditi Arya play other female leads. Interestingly, they all have a common connection with their roles and they do well individually.

Rahman, as a senior pro, brings his experience into play and makes the proceedings exciting. Sathya provides the fun in between giving much-needed relief in a tightly paced narrative.

Highlights :



Regina Cassandra


Second Half

Drawbacks :

Drags a bit at the start


Seven is a unique thriller with a brilliant plot. The suspense factor is the highlight of the proceedings, and Nizar Shafi showcases it excellently with his directorial skills. The movie is his debut, but that never comes across in the narrative which looks like handled by an experienced mind.

The comedy, drama, and romance are neatly woven into the suspense narrative initially. It helps in keeping the tone light and an element of surprise alive. The effect of that can felt right before the interval, and it continues that way until the end. The twists and turns keep flowing in the second half with an intense drama placed at the heart of the whole proceedings.

The performance elevates the story here, and the same momentum is carried with force towards the end. The climax takes the drama to a new level with some unexpected surprises coming about. It is sure to thrill the audience and all of a sudden change the person to root for, even though one knows which one is at the wrong end.

The music by RX100 fame Chaitan Bharadwaj is pleasant and hummable. The background score is exactly the opposite and consists of a lot of noise. The cinematography by Nizar Shafi is the first rate. It is a difficult task to provide cinematography and direct simultaneously, and he has done both commendable. The producer Ramesh Varma and presenter Abhishek Agarwal deserves a lot of credit for backing an unconventional project like 7 (Seven). There is no compromise at all on the making, and the whole film looks rich with high production values.

7 (Seven) is gripping thriller cum rousing drama seamlessly mixed into one another. Watch it for a unique experience in the second half.

Bottom-line: Impressive Thriller

Rating: 3/5


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