Sexy Actress Monday Challenge


Monday’s motivation quotes, posts, and pictures are common by celebrities but today a sexy actress has given Monday challenge to her followers posting a video in her official Instagram account.

Malaika Arora despite being a mother of a teenage son, touching the 46 years still maintains a hot figure and toned body garbing everyone’s attention. Malaika is a fitness enthusiast she workouts every day without a skip, she even runs yoga centers named Diva Yoga studios in multiple cities.

Malaika shared a video that showcases her body flexibility that she got because of doing Yoga from years and gave a Monday challenge to her followers posting as,

“The world is a beautiful place with many challenges. And on our journeys, we change! One thing that remains constant is the fact that it needs power. My mantra always has been, we learn to bend so that we may seldom break. And my ever-present tribe at @thedivayoga ensures I push my limits every single day! #malaikasmondaymotivation #thedivayoga #divayoga #divayogastudios #anandsir”


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