Shanvi Shrivastav Breaks Into Tears


Industry has many new faces coming every now and then. And this creates a cut-throat competition among all the actors and actresses to get meaty roles in good films. Though, if any actor is jobless he/she never admits it and in fact, says that the offers are coming. But, Shanvi Srivastav is one actress who is very vocal about her lack of offers.

Recently during the pre-release event of Athade Srimannarayana, Shanvi Srivastav broke into tears saying that she has been jobless for a long time now and cried every night for this reason. She started sobbing and shared-” Maybe I’m too young, not acting well or don’t have the good looks, that I didn’t get any chances in Telugu industry after “Rowdy”, as I’ve sat jobless for almost year and a half. Every night I used to cry, thinking that I’m wrong somewhere. But finally, I got a chance to come to this city with Athade Srimannarayana”. Saying this, she pleaded media to encourage her so that she can find some good offers. Rakshith Shetty who was present on the stage and others encouraged her.

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