Sharwanand And Samantha’s Jaanu Teaser Talk

Sharwanand And Samantha’s Jaanu Teaser Talk

Sharwanand and Samantha’s Jaanu teaser is unveiled on time as announced earlier by the makers of the movie online a few moments back. The Jaanu teaser of one minute twenty-four seconds guarantees a promising remake of 96 Tamil film in Telugu that surely needed to be experienced on the big screen.

Coming to the point Sharwanand and Samantha’s Jaanu teaser Starting from the first frame that started in Kenya with a beautiful landscape with a soothing background score to the character introductions of Samantha and Sharwanand brings a positive impression on Jaanu film. Then cut to the school innocent love track and to current days Ramachandra and Janaki Devi had the magical moments to nostalgic for sure. The rest of the Jaanu teaser is taken to the next level by the brilliant actors Sharwanand and Samantha where they are conveying the emotions through their eyes is a feast to witness in the video.

Govind Vasantha background score has made the Jaanu teaser to get an instant connect with the love story between the lead pair. Director Prem Kumar has brought back of the soul of the 96 Tamil version back for the Telugu audiences that’s is pretty evident in each and every frame of the Jaanu teaser. Get ready to experience the friendship, love, heartbreak, memories and revisit nostalgia with Jaanu movie in theatres this year.


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