Shout Out To All The Passionate Filmmakers !!!!!!! An Exciting Opportunity To Showcase Your Talent

Exciting Opportunity To Showcase Your Talent

Submit your short films/movies along with your details to and we will present them in EToriginals on ShreyasET App.

The maximum liked and shared will be taken to the famous filmmakers and get an exciting chance to get produced and direct your next film which will be presented in their own theatres in the ShreyasET app.

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Don’t miss this amazing opportunity!!!

Terms & conditions
1. Movie length should be in between 20-60min
2. The final video must be in MP4/Mov/Mpeg-4 Format along with posters( open files/ PSD ) and trailers
3. All genres are accepted
4. Content will be curated by a special committee
Note: You can submit the content even it is presented in other platforms.


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