Solo Brathuke So Better Movie Review


Title: Solo Brathuke So Better

CBFC Rating : U

Run-Time: 2 Hrs 22 Min

Release Date: 13-03-2020

Banner: SVCC

Cast: Sai Tej, Nabha Natesh, Rao Ramesh, Naresh, Vennela Kishore, Satya, Rajendra Prasad, and others

Music: Thaman S

Cinematography: Venkat C Dilip

Editing: Naveen Nooli

Producers: BVSN Prasad

Written and Directed by Subbu


Virat (Sai Dharam Tej) believes and propagates one philosophy that leading a single life is better. It helps the individual to leave out emotional baggage and family pressure and have happy and joyous days.

Virat’s world starts crumbling when some unexpected events begin to take shape in his life. It changes his perspective and worldview. He then falls in love with a girl accidentally. How their story ends is the basic story of the movie?


Sai Dharam Tej has given another settled and mature performance. He shows tremendous progress in his dramatic skills, and there is no better proof than Solo Brathuke So Better on that score.

The pre-climax is the best example to show how long Sai Dharam Tej has come. He brings tears in our eyes. The fight scene with Uttar Andhra local slang shows how commanding and controlling he is becoming with dialogue delivery. There are so many pluses similarly, but the more important thing is Sai Dharam Tej’s willingness to learn and take a risk.

Nabha Natesh proves once again that she is a breath of fresh air concerning the young and upcoming beauties. She seems so natural and full of life. She makes a nice pair with Sai Dharam Tej, and their chemistry elevates the proceedings in the second half.

Apart from the lead pair, there is the usual gang of supporting and comedy actors. Rao Ramesh leads the supporting set whereas Vennela Kishore the comedy. Both do what they are meant to do with relative ease and impact. Rajendra Prasad is seen in a short and influential role.


Sai Dharam Tej
First Half


Drags a little during the second half


Subbu, a debutant, directs Solo Brathuke So Better. It might be his first film, but the director handles it like a seasoned maker. The making and extraction of the performances give us ample proof of it.

Right from the opening, Subbu draws us into the narrative with interesting take and moments. He brings out the mentality of the young and independent generation well with a few scenes. The emotional connection is also neatly established between the lead and Rao Ramesh, who plays a crucial role in the whole philosophy.

As simple and effortlessly as he sets up the philosophy and tone, he also equally presents the opposite convincingly using the same characters. The movie up pre-interval seems so perfect in that regard.

The interval block is nice with a neat twist in the tale. After everything that has transpired, up until then, the expectations are increased for the second half.

The beginning of the second half carries the momentum, but we can feel the change in the overall impact. The freshness of the first half is not entirely present here. There are parts that look repetitive without much adding to the narrative.

However, Subbu once again shows his command over the narrative by placing the comedy blocks and songs at the right time. They help in holding attention. The ending is on a predictable note which is alright. In the end, Solo Brathuke So Better is an easy one time watch for the weekend and the right beginning to the recovery of Telugu cinema after a long unintended gap.

The music by S Thaman is superb. The background score further helps in maintaining the tempo. The cinematography by Venkat C Dilip is excellent. The movie bears a striking rich quality throughout. The editing by Navin Nooli is good.

The producer BVSN Prasad deserves kudos for going with the subject that brings a neat message. At the same time, he also should get an acknowledgment to take the bold step of releasing the movie at this critical hour. The production values of this Bhogavalli Baapineedu Presentation are fantastic in the entire film.

Bottom-line: A Well-Meaning And Entertaining Drama

Rating: 3/5


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