Sonu Sood Turns Real-Life Hero Again; Gets 25-Year-Old Bharti Airlifted From Nagpur To Hyderabad


Sonu Sood tirelessly and selflessly worked for the needy as they struggled through the Covid-19 pandemic. His latest deed will make you feel so proud of him. Sonu got a critically ill Covid-19 patient airlifted in an air-ambulance from Nagpur to Hyderabad to get the special treatment done.

The girl, Bharti, had lost almost 85-90% of her lungs due to Covid-19 and when doctors gave up hope, Sonu got her shifted to Wockhardt hospital, Nagpur. Doctors had said that she needed a lung transplant or some special treatment which was only possible in Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad. Soon afterward, Sonu got in touch with directors of the Apollo hospitals and he came to know that there is a special treatment called ECMO in which artificial pumping of blood happens to the body so as to take the pressure away from the lungs. The entire setup for this ECMO treatment had to come from Hyderabad with the 6 doctors, a day in advance. Then only the airlift had to be done in an air ambulance. Sonu managed to get things sorted out and get Bharti the best of the treatment at Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad.

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Talking about the same, Sonu Sood said, “Doctors had said that the chances are 20% and asked me whether I still wanted to go ahead with it. I said ‘Of course. She is a 25-year-old young girl and she will fight the battle hard and she will come out of it stronger.’ That’s why we took this chance and we decided to get an air ambulance and the best team of doctors in the country to treat her. The treatment is going well in Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad, and we hope for the best. She will recover and come back soon.”

This was probably the first case in Covid-19 when an air ambulance was used to airlift someone. Bharti’s father is a retired railway officer, and a lot of people’s prayers are with him and the family. Hopefully, very soon Bharti will be out of the hospital and back with her parents.

Can you imagine, Sonu Sood did all of this while himself staying in home-quarantine after having tested positive! This man really needs a big salute for going all out and helping out people in need. He is the true messiah and the real-life hero we all need.


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