Star Hero’s Kind Gesture Towards Farmers


Common people become fans of a hero watching the onscreen character played by the actor in the movie. Very few of them own their onscreen character and implement their onscreen noble deeds in their real life too. There are countable hero’s in the Indian film industry who believe to give back to the society and the same can be sensed in the movie subjects they act.

Star hero Vishal is one of them, who believes in humanity, serving the needed and especially he has special concern over the framers. In 2017 when Vishal has become the president of Tamil film producer’s association, he announced that Rs 1 from every ticket sold for his movies will be donated to Tamil Nadu farmers.

Staying loyal to his words Vishal started to credit the movie ticket money into the account of Tamil Nadu farmers association starting with “Thupparivaalan” film that released in 2017. Then Vishal carried the same process for his 2018 release “Irumbu Thirai” and “Sandakozhi 2” giving a helping hand to farmers. Now again for his new film “Ayogya”, he made a similar announcement donating to farmers. Ayogya is an official remake to NTR-Puri’s super hit Temper and from day one Vishal’s film is appreciated from all sections of audiences. Kudos to Vishal for continuing his kind gesture for farmers and hope it continues doing it for all his movies.


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