Striking First Look Of ‘Nani’s Gangleader’


The first look of Natural Star Nani, Director Vikram K Kumar’s ‘Nani’s Gangleader’ in Mythri Movies production is out today and it looks striking in every way. It has given a glimpse of gang members along with their Gang leader. Everyone having a binocular in their hand hints that they are on to something and the line “REVENGERS ASSEMBLE” on the poster raises the curiosity further.

Vikram K Kumar who is known for making films with different concepts blending with sensible human emotions has chosen another unique subject for this film. ‘Five women of different ages backed by Nani’ is definitely making this interesting and the first look sets the mood right for the film. Seems like Nani and Vikram Kumar are about to deliver a unique entertainer in their combination with ‘Nani’s Gangleader’


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