Superstar Rajinikanth Confirms He Is Not Interested To Become Chief Minister.

Superstar Rajinikanth Confirms He Is Not Interested To Become Chief Minister

Super Star Rajinikanth confirms he is not interested to become Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and revealed a lot of key details about his political entry today at a press meet. Here are the important decisions and announcements, future plans of the hero at the #Rajinikanthpoliticalentry press meet held today. Super Star Rajinikanth confirms

1. Rajinikanth mentioned that he made an announcement about his political entry in 2017 and there is no truth in the media reports about his political plunger from 25 years.

2. My party will allocate designations for his party members only during the election as most of the members in the existing parties involve in corruption.

3. 60-65% of the party candidates will be educated qualified youngsters whereas 30-35% will be honest politicians, bureaucrats, and social workers and I will help them win in elections.

4. There will be two leaders in the RMM party. One will be head of the political party and others will be the elected Chief Minister of the state.

5. I’m not at all interested to become Chief Minister so I will be the head of my political party and an educated qualified youngster will be the CM

6. I will be 71 next year, got many health issues so I will not be the CM candidate. I’m urging fans to spread my word all over TN and then, will take the political plunge.


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