‘Tantra’ Movie Review


Movie: Tantra

Release Date: 15-03-2024

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Banners: First Copy Movies, Be The Way Films, Vizag Film Factory

Cast: Ananya Nagalla, Dhanush Raghumudri, Saloni, Temper Vamsi and Others

Cinematography: Sairam Uday, Vijay Bhaskar Saddala

Art Director: Gurumurali Krishna

Editor: SB Uddhav

Music: RR Dhruvan

Producers: Naresh Babu P, Ravi Chaitanya

Director: Srinivas Gopishetty

Horror films always find audience. There is a constant curiosity about this genre among movie lovers. ‘Tantra’ is one such horror film with nativity flavour. The raw and gritty teaser and trailer grabbed attention of viewers. This Ananya Nagalla, Dhanush Raghumudri, Temper Vamsi, Saloni starrer is Directed by Srinivas Gopisetty. Naresh Babu and Ravi Chaitanya bankrolled this project. ‘Tantra’ released on March 15, in theatres. Let’s check-out how it turned out to be in the review. 


Rekha (Ananya Nagalla), a rural girl lost her mother at her childhood is brought up by her father. She senses supernatural forces. She likes Teju (Dhanush Raghumudri) whom she knows from her childhood. Teju observes that Rekha has been possessed and someone performed occult practices on her. How Vigatha (Temper Vamsi) and Rajeshwari (Saloni) linked to this story ? How Rekha’s childhood incident haunt her to the present ? forms the rest of the story.


Ananya Nagalla did her best as a girl who is possessed by evil forces. She effortlessly played the role of Rekha. Dhanush Raghumudri impresses with his debut. His chemistry with Ananya looks good onscreen. Temper Vamsi looks menacing as occult practitioner and delivered spine chilling performance. Saloni surprises with her glamour, brief yet crucial role. Rest of the cast added more value to the proceedings with their adequate performances.



Basic Plot


Spine Chilling Moments


Gets Slow At Times

Too Many Subplots


Director Srinivas Gopisetty did his research regarding occult practices and tantric rituals. It is clearly evident in the film. He skillfully weaves a narrative blending folklore and occult elements imbibing into the story. To raise interest the narrative is divided into six segments, Raktha Daham, Paathala Kutty, Sathruvu Aagamanam, Musugulo Mahankali, Vajroli Rathi and Chinnamastha Devi. The film starts off interestingly and rises curiosity towards the interval. 

The second half suffers with some pacing issues as those six segments were needed to be concluded along with a flashback which is needed to give a closure to the main conflict. But, the climax portion and emotional angle of main lead’s story are dealt in an impressive manner. 

Music Director RR Dhruvan’s music and BGM elevated the scenes and enhanced the mood. Cinematography by Sairam Uday and Vijay Bhaskar is impressive with natural lighting and visuals. Editing could have been better. Production values by producers Naresh Babu and Ravi Chaitanya are good and contributed to deliver a quality horror flick.

Rating: 3/5

Bottom-line: Captivating Horror Film


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