Team RRR Participated In The Green India Challenge


S.S. Rajamouli, Jr.NTR, Ram Charan said that promotion of greenery is a program close to their hearts

MP Santosh Kumar congratulated RRR team for participating in Green Challenge despite busy schedule

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RRR Movie (Roudram – Ranam – Rudhiram) is scheduled to release on the 25th of this month in two days in the country and abroad. The film team, which is touring across the country as part of the film’s release campaign, today joined the Green India Challenge in Hyderabad.

Director S.S. Rajamouli, Young Heroes Jr NTR, Ram Charan along with Rajya Sabha MP Joginapalli Santosh Kumar planted seedlings in Gachibowli, Hyderabad.

Director Rajamouli said that nature and the environment are their favourite activities and whenever it is possible, they will participate in the greenery enhancement programme along with the crew. They have recalled the participation of Bahubali team participation in the Green India Challenge.

Hero Jr.N.T.R. said that every should be aware of the changes in the environment and educate for the increase of green canopy and strive for the protection of the nature.

Hero Ram Charan said that, he has participated in the Green India Challenge earlier and get excited everytime in planting the saplings. He expressed his happiness and satisfaction for participating in plantation during the release of RRR.

The RRR team lauded MP Santosh Kumar for instilling a green spirit across the country with the goal of social good.

MP Santosh Kumar said that the medium of cinema is the most powerful and inspires the heroes who give a nice green message to the society as well as the 24 frames artists who are part of the filmmaking. Despite being busy with the movie release schedule, he heartily thanked the team who took the initiative and participated in the Green India Challenge event.

Green India Challenge co-founders Karunakar Reddy, Raghava and others participated in the event.


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