Telugu Film Journalists Association supports 35 cine journalists during corona crisis

Telugu Film Journalists Association

With the announcement of a nation-wide lockdown following the outbreak of coronavirus in the country, everything has come to a standstill.  On the one hand, the Telugu film industry has set up the Corona Crisis Charity (a fund) for the welfare of cine workers. On the other hand, the welfare of needy cine journalists, who work without holidays in order to propagate film-related news, has been taken care of by the Telugu Film Journalists Association.

Briefing about the activities undertaken by Telugu Film Journalists Association (TFJA),

President Lakshmi Narayana says, “We have and will always care for the needs of on-field journalists who attend press meets, be they journalists, video journalists, or photojournalists.  We at TFJA have reached out to 35 needy journalists and handed over all essentials needed for one month to help them tide through the crisis.  Our aim is that nobody should go to sleep with an empty stomach.  If any of you are facing any problem, feel free to reach out to either me, Naidu Surendra Kumar Garu, or Rambabu Garu of TV5 on phone.  We are living in a crisis situation.  Keeping this in mind, we will always be there to help you out. We at TFJA pray that all the problems will go away and everyone will be back to work like in normal times very soon.  Special thanks to everyone who has been backing us in times like this.”  

Health is wealth

Note: Film Newscasters Association of Electronic Media has been renamed as Telugu Film Journalists Association.


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