The Invisible Man Release Date In India Locked

The Invisible Man

Hardcore horror genre film lovers will still have the traces of Hollywood movie “The Invisible Man”, “Hollow Man” in their memory and the high impact that the flick made in movie buffs. The latest version of the horror genre film based on novel by HG Wells with the same title “The Invisible Man” is all set to give another scary experience to audiences this month. Hollywood movie “The Invisible Man” release date in India is locked and the film is going to be released in only English, Hindi languages.

As per official reports, The Invisible Man will be released on 28th February in India and it is also getting its release in IMax in our country. A special premiere of the horror film is done in Paris a couple of days back and everyone is impressed with the extraordinary performance of Elisabetha Moss who had played the central character and also the work of direction Leigh Whannell. The Invisible Man was filmed in just two months and it’s going to have its first release in Australia where it was shoot on 27th February then India, the US releases the next day.


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