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Talented Satyadev latest in the role of a vigilante, ‘Godse’ releasing in theatres on June 17. He speaks about director Gopi Ganesh Pattabhi, working with Aishwarya Lekshmi, what Godse is about, his upcoming movies, and more.

About Script

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When I listened to the script, I was confident that I can pull off the lead character as far as acting goes. But I was not sure whether the reach would be as big as the director wanted. My director believed in my capability and, if the success of the teaser/trailer is anything to go by, his belief has worked!

About Director GopiGanesh

Pattabhi anna (director) struggled like anything to cast me in ‘Bluff Master’. To this day, I get emotional when I remember it! I was onboarded at the last minute for that movie. When some people commented if he thinks of Satyadev as some superstar, he answered to them that his hero is his Chiranjeevi. He is one director who always wants to put me on a high pedestal. What is unique about his writing is that he can convey a complex idea in the form of a simple one-liner.

About Godse

‘Godse’ is thought-provoking; it wants to influence the audience to think about others, to act in small ways, and to do whatever little one can do in one’s meager capacity.

About The Title

‘Godse’ is a catchy title. If the title is bland, buzz can’t be created. At the same time, the name Nathuram Godse has some relevance to the protagonist. As a child, the protagonist refuses to kill Mahatma Gandhi in a skit where he plays Godse. Such a Gandhi-loving guy goes on to become a vigilante by assuming the name Godse when he grows up.

About Aishwarya Lekshmi

I have no scenes with Aishwarya Lekshmi. We both interact via a video call. She is drafted to placate me, to calm me down. She is a phenomenal performer. She is one of the prime pillars of the film.

About Relativity Of The Subject

‘Godse’ doesn’t take up any issue that is unique to the Telugu States or something. It raises questions about under-employment, which is a reality everywhere. It’s an ever-relevant film that any Indian can relate to. We have taken a fact, something everyone knows about and built a vigilante story around it.

About The Difference Between Bluff Master & Godse

‘Bluff Master’ was a satire on society. ‘Godse’ is not a satire. It questions hard about the nature of the jobs we do after studying for 22 years in life. Educational institutions are many, whereas industries are too few. We study one thing and do a job that has nothing to do with our educational qualifications. ‘Godse’ also offers a solution.

About Realism In Godse

‘Gentleman’, ‘Aparichitudu’ and ‘Oke Okkadu’ were not true to realism. But they were thought-provoking. ‘Godse’ is in a similar zone. This is not an action film. It’s about the anguish of a person about the faults of the system. It doesn’t have a ‘Listen to me’ tone. It is about an anguished protagonist. It’s a love story between the individual and society. There is action, politics, drama, and emotion. It is not preachy. The protagonist does something and then explains himself so that others will understand the rationale behind his actions. The last 40 minutes are intense and highly emotional. The true story of ‘Godse’ begins (in the audience’s mind) after the film is over! You will carry it to your home.

About  Choosing Scripts

I do films with the hope that they will click commercially. Nobody works without hope. Films like ‘Godse’ will definitely find their audience. At the end of the day, all that we can do is give the audience a good product. It’s up to the audience to accept or reject it.

About Doing Action Films

I am usually wary of doing action scenes. From ‘Thimmarusu’, I started enjoying doing action scenes. In ‘Godse’, too, there are stylish fights.

About Upcoming Films

‘Ram Sethu’ is the best possible debut for me in Bollywood. I can’t divulge the nature of my role in it. Koratala Siva garu is the producer of one of my upcoming movies. I am a big fan of Chiranjeevi garu. So, I acted in ‘Acharya’ in a cameo. ‘Godfather’ is a big offer that came my way from the Megastar himself after he watched three of my previous movies back to back. He got time to watch my movies because of the pandemic and I, therefore, thank Covid (laughs). I have been a big fan of his since my childhood. 


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