The Title ‘Arjuna Phalguna’ Increased The Span Of The Story And The Film – Director Teja Marni 


Director Teja Marni who won accolades for his first film ‘Johaar’ is coming with his next with Sree Vishnu titled ‘Arjuna Phalguna’. The film is produced by popular Matinee Entertainments banner and is gearing up to release on big screens on December 31st. Here are the points Director Teja Marni shared about the film .

– The idea of ‘Arjuna Phalguna’ was there even before ‘Johaar’. Then I narrated this story to Sree Vishnu Garu. We initially wanted the title to be ‘Artos’, a cool drink that is available in Godavari districts. Due to copyright issues, we opted for another title. That’s how we finalized ‘Arjuna Phalguna’. The title increased the span of the story and the film. 

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– He is an Arjuna only as long as he is in the village. Once he steps into the jungles, he Phalguna. For any film, the title plays a key role. It has to suit the story. After I chose the title, I made some changes to the story. I increased the quotient of action scenes. The span of the story went up. The producers were happy with the changes.

– This is the story of five friends who wants to earn and save money in their village only without going to City.

– The first one to come on board was the hero. Production company Matinee Entertainments joined us later. The producers okayed the project instantly after listening to the story. The film was on the floors within a month. Since they are passionate producers, they completed everything in time. The second wave of the pandemic did slow down things. The entire production works were completed in 55 days.

– The shoot used to begin at 6 am every day. And we continue shooting till the sunset. Everyone cooperated with us. I have been influenced by the directorial style of the movies of Vamsi garu and Krishna Vamsi garu. ‘Arjuna Phalguna’ reflects the culture and lifestyles of the people in the Godavari regions.

– The main plot points,the turning points in the movie are real incidents that happened in the lives of my friends and their friends.

– I didn’t think of any other hero for the role. The story was written to suit Sree Vishnu garu’s body language. He will remind you of Ravi Teja from ‘Sindhuram’. All five friends in the movie are fans of Jr NTR. I am also a fan of Jr NTR garu

– The first half is richin entertainment. The second half is a pack of thrills. The climax is emotional. The story will rise curiosity about what happens next. 

– Since ‘Johaar’ was produced by me, I couldn’t wait for the theatres to be reopened. So, I released it on OTT. ‘Arjuna Phalguna’ will be released by Dil Raju garu. There are lines about Jr NTR and ‘RRR’ in the movie. So my movie should come out before ‘RRR’.

– I am doing movies for GA2 Pictures and Shine Screens. I want to do only commercial movies. Whatever film I will do, there will be an emotion that runs along with the film.

– Amrita Aiyer will be seen as Sree Vishnu’s girlfriend. Her role came out very well and she did very good too. There is no separate comedy track. It is blended within the story itself.


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