This Dussera, Team Lingoccha Proudly Gifts, The Release Of Their Teaser By None Other Than “ Mass Ka Daas – VishwakSen “


Karthik Rathnam who entertained the audience thoroughly by playing joseph in the movie c\o Kancherlapalem is the lead actor, Supyarde Singh as the lead actress, produced by Yadagiri Raju on the banner of Srikala Entertainments. BlackBox Studios presents LINGOCCHA ( a game of love ).

The movie is being directed by Anand Bada. Being a local to Hyderabad based on a once-famous game called Lingoccha he has both had worked keenly on every particular detail in the preproduction and directed a beautiful love story with a local aroma to the movie. As the story resembles the game it is seen only fit to use the name it as the title of the movie. The surprise and interest that everyone shows upon hearing the unique title fill the team with energy to surprise more. Filled with this energy the team presents you with this teaser. The team is all set to release the teaser, by the young energetic actor who has recently amassed huge craze for himself among fans, “ Mass Ka Das “ Vishwaksen. On the Eve of Vijaya Dashami teaser will be released grandly this October 23rd.

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The director of the movie Mr. Anand Bada on this event expressed happiness and gratitude towards the movie producer Mr.Yadagiri Raju for producing and supporting the movie. He also talked about the interesting events which led him to create such a unique movie and its unusual tile, he mentioned how people were surprised and few even were confused when he mentioned the name of the movie as “LINGOCCHA”. But when he explained the name all were happy and felt they connected to the name somehow. “Lingoccha“ if you may ask Is the game of the seven stones also know as lagori, peeto, seven stones, etc depending on the local dialect. As he was about to start the making of the movie when he was In a dilemma to choose the actors best suitable for their roles along came Karthik with sharp and shooting looks. The director also expressed his elation on the way Mr.karthik portrayed the role of “ Dhagad shiva & batch “ with natural ease and boisterous energy. Equal to match Mr. Karthik was the lead Actress Supyarde Singh who with her enthralled us all with her Beauty and impeccable acting skills. He also gave a special mention to the role of Kunal who was an asset to the team and plays a key role in the movie. He also mentioned the child artists master Prem Suman & Baby Fida Moghul, who enacted the lead roles in their childhood with their cute performance added dazzle to the movie. He was absolutely sure that with the comedy team of Uttej, Saddam, thagubothu Ramesh Ismail Bhai, and Balveer. The theater audience would create a riot of laughter. He said people often leave the theater and also the memories of some movies, but he was sure that the audience would not only carry memories but smiles back home after watching “Lingoccha”.


Karthik Ratnam, Supyarde Singh, Baby Fida Moghul, Master Prem Suman, Uttej, Thagubothu Ramesh, Kunal Kaushik, Balveer Singh, Saddam Hussain, Mimicry Murthy, DheerCharan Srivastav ( Ismail Bhai), Fish Venkat, Etc.

Technical Division,

Banner : Srikala Entertainment
Presented by: Blackbox Entertainment
Written and Directed. : Anand Bada
Producer : Yadagiri Raju
Music: Because Raj
Editing: Maddy, Shashi Bada
Choreography: Bhanu
Dialogues: Uday Madineni
Camera Man: Rakesh


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