Tollywood Heartfelt Reaction on Kober Bryant Death

Kober Bryant

Big tragedy hit hard on the fans of the world popular NBA player Kober Bryant with the unexpected accidental death of the basketball player. Sadness doubled when the news is made official that along with popular NBA player Kober Bryant his 13-year-old daughter Gianna is present and a total of nine people were dead in the helicopter crash. There were no survivors when the rescue team reached the accident spot in the Los Angeles suburb of Calabasas. Kober Bryant is 41 years old and has taken his retirement from the game-winning uncountable fans with unconditional love on him.

Social media is filled with #RIPKobeBryant hashtags and many along with celebrities from various filed shared their heartfelt concerns to Kobe family along with expressing their shock with the basketball player sudden death. Here are few Tollywood actors posts on the Kober Bryant death news

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Venkatesh Daggubati posted as

“One of the most fabulous players the world has ever seen. You will be missed, Kobe. May all those beautiful souls rest in peace. #kobebryant”

Adivi Sesh posted as

“Growing up, Kobe inspired me. An icon and Legend. A man of culture who influenced millions worldwide. Rest In Peace sir. Just found out about his daughter. God.”

Rahul Ravindran posted as

“Good lord! Lebron crosses him just today and he was there to congratulate him! And this! RIP champion. One of the greatest of all time!”

Sumanth posted as “Just devastated! #RIPKobeBryant and #GiannaMariaBryant. “

Rana Daggubati posted as “Heartbreaking!! RIP”

Aadarsh Balakrishna posted as

“Woke up feeling crap today. And then I hear of the tragedy that struck #KobeByrant and his young daughter. I cannot even imagine those final moments in the chopper. The helpless father must’ve tried everything he could to save his young one. My heart aches.”

Lakshmi Manchu posted as

“Woke up to devastating news that #KobeBryant and his 13 yr old daughter died in a helicopter crash. One of the greatest bb player is gone way too soon. RiP. Condolences”


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