Upasana Shares Domakonda Avakaya Pachadi Recipe

Upasana Shares Domakonda Avakaya Pachadi Recipe

One thing that used to be very common in both the Telugu states every summer is avakaya pachadi and the family members used to give their hand in preparing the pickle making it a fun weekend work as a memory. But things got changed because of the coronavirus pandemic and the extended lockdown 3 has delayed the avakaya preparation at many houses in Telugu states and here is a quick solution from Ram Charan wife Upasana Konidela for everyone.

Today Upasana Konidela has shared the Domakonda avakaya pachadi recipe with her followers and she even posted a video showing the preparation along with steps to follow for preparing the pickle in a short span of time.

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Another interesting about the Domakonda recipe of avakaya pickle is even jaggery is used in the preparation of the pickle that has only four simple steps and it takes just 30 plus minutes to complete the whole process to enjoy a tasty mango pickle.

Upasana shared the avakaya recipe in tradition Domakonda region style with a tweet as

“ I made my first an Avakaya pachadi. It’s an ancient #domakonda recipe❤️. It turned out fab. “


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