‘Vaisakham’ Movie Review


Title :Vaisakham
CBFC Rating :
Run-Time :
2 Hrs 11 Mins
Release Date :
Banner :
R.J. Cinemas
Cast :
Harish, Avantika, Sai Kumar, Rama Prabha, Prudhvi, Eeshwari Rao, Bhadram, Gundu Sudershan
Music :
D.J. Vasanth
Vaalisetty Subba Rao
Producer :
Written, Edited, Directed By :


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Bhanu (Avantika Mishra) starts a beauty parlour in an apartment where Venu (Harish) lives. ‘Vaisakham’ is all about how these two who cannot stand each other initially finally falls for each other. What is the main reason behind Bhanu intentionally shifting to Venu’s apartment ? Why Venu keeps himself away from his mother ? Forms the complete story.


Lead Pair Harish and Avantika are one of the main highlights of the film. Harish gave a very confident performance. He is impressive in teasing scenes as well as in emotional scenes. He did very good especially in a scene with Kashi Viswanath in second half where he opens his heart out about his relation with his mother.

Avantika is a great find. She scores equally with her glamorous looks and with her performance. She looked gorgeous in songs with very good styling. Versatile Actor Sai Kumar in an important role stands out among others. There are a couple of very good dialogues written for him and he made them count with his experience.

Prudhvi is hilarious in the role of Apartment secretary. His scenes with Sudershan about IPL betting evokes laughs providing major entertainment in the film. Ramaprabha, Kasi Vishwanath, Eeshwari Rao, Bhadram, Jabardasth Appa Rao are adequate in their roles and did a neat job with their performance.


Dialogues , Direction

Harish & Avantika



Rich Visuals In Songs



Takes Its Time To Get To Main Story


As a story ‘Vaisakham’ has a simple plot. But Director Jaya.B made it an enjoyable ride by adding ample entertainment blended with perfect emotions wherever they are needed. First half of the film is a complete entertainer setup in an apartment backdrop. Director Jaya successfully managed to provide entertainment using different characters, showcasing apartment culture. Director Jaya is known for extracting commendable performance from new comers. In ‘Vaisakham’ too she extracted very good performance from lead pair Harish and Avantika.

Main story reveals in second half with a small flash back with Sai Kumar. Hero revealing the real reason behind his behaviour and the flashback followed by emotional climax gives an emotional depth to the film. Entertaining first half with emotional final act makes this ‘Vaisakham’ an enjoyable watch.

Dialogues are also written by Jaya.B and they are one of the main highlights of the film. There are very dialogues in the film about ‘Manushulu’ and ‘Manchithanam’. Music by D.J.Vasanth is another positive in the film. He has given very good music and BGM which elevated the scenes further more. Especially ‘Vaisakham’ theme song which keeps playing frequently is haunting. Another plus point for this film is Vaalisetty Subba Rao’s cinematography. Songs look grand on screen, especially the songs picturized in Kazakhstan and abroad are a treat to watch. Editing is crisp. Production values by Producer B.A.Raju are adequate. He must be appreciated for spending so much on new comers for superb visuals in songs shot in Kazakhstan .

Bottom-line: Perfect Romantic Family Entertainer

Rating: 3.5 / 5


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