Wearing A Mask Is The Need Of The Hour – Mahesh Babu

Superstar Mahesh appealing all to wear a mask

Things are slowly getting back to normal in the lives of Indians with the few exceptions that are given by the central government admits the lockdown4 because of the coronavirus pandemic along with few restrictions for the safety of everyone. Along with social distancing, self sanitization is the most important role that has to be followed by everyone wearing a mask as one the preventive measures to be taken from spreading and being infected by the dangerous coronavirus. Superstar Mahesh Babu is very proactive in spreading awareness about the COVID19 and the hero is using his social media platforms to reach to many across the world.

Even today Superstar Mahesh shared a lengthy post about the importance of wearing the mask and the hero’s noble thought of wearing a mask by himself, To get awareness,  asking everyone to wear a mask will bring a big impact, an increase in the number of people using masks. Mahesh Babu tweeted about wearing a mask during coronavirus outbreak as

“ We are opening up. Slowly, but surely. In a time like this, masks are mandatory. Make it a point to wear a mask every time you step out, that’s least we can do to protect ourselves and others. It may sound odd, but it is the need of the hour and we must get used to it. One step at a time. Let’s adapt to the new normal and get back life on track. It’s cool to be masked. I am. Are You? “


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