While ‘Janasena’ Is About Pawan Kalyan Gari Noble Ambitions, Our ‘Jai Sena’ Is About His Ideologies – Director V.Samudra


Popular Director Samudra is coming with ‘Jai Sena’ produced by V Sai Arun Kumar in SivaMahateja Films Presented by V Vijayalakshmi starring Srikanth, Sunil, Sri, Prudhvi, Praveen, Karthikeya. Team has launched the Title Poster and Motion Poster of the film. Actor Sunil launched the logo ‘Jai Sena’. On this occasion…

Director V Samudra said, ” Along with Srikanth and Sunil, four new heroes are being introduced with this film. Shooting part has been completed except for little patchwork. We launched SivaMahateja Films banner to make memorable films. ‘Jai Sena’ is our first attempt towards that goal.”

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When media personnel asked about ‘Jai Sena’ title, Director Samudra said, ” While ‘Janasena’ is about Pawan Kalyan’s political ambitions our ‘Jai Sena’ is about his ideologies. We are showcasing some good deeds done by him in the film. Like all of my films, this film too deals with a social cause. This film will bring a very good name for me and the team. Ravi Shankar has composed superb songs. Co-producer Sireesh Reddy garu stood as a backbone and provided support for me at every stage. We are planning to release the film next month. I wish everyone will bless our banner and new heroes.”

Sunil said, ” Script is the Superstar for this film. Samudra garu remains the same from my beginning days to this day. He has given me very good support. I did a very good role in this film. I did mostly comedy roles so far. This film will showcase my wild angle along with entertainment.”

Co-producer Sireesh Reddy said,” I am co-producing this film and we are planning to release the film in July. I am going to produce a film with Samudra garu which will start soon. I will announce the details very soon.”

Music Director RaviShankar said, ” This is a powerful action film. My journey started with Samudra garu. The film will definitely become a super duper hit.”

Sri, Karthikeya, ” Samudra garu leads us like a soldier. Sunil and Srikanth garu has supported us. It’s a great experience working with them.”

Abhiram said, ” I acted as a child actor in a Samudra gari film. I am very happy to act as hero in his direction.”

Praveen said, ” I was afraid when I was told to act as hero in this film. I got many brothers with this film.”

Harish said, ” Sunil anna has supported us. He guided us all in many ways.”

‘Jai Sena’ Starring Srikanth, Sunil, Sri, Prudhvi, Praveen, Karthikeya, Abhiram, Harish Gowtham, Ajay Ghosh, Madhu, Azad, Dhanraj, Venu, Chammak Chandra

Dialogues: Tirumalasetti Suman, Parvathy Chandu, Songs : Abhinay Srinu, SiraSri, Music : RaviShankar, Dance : Amma Rajasekhar, Ajay, Fights : Kanal Kannan, Nandu, Ravi Varma, Camera : Vasu, Co-Producers : Sireesh Reddy, Devineni Srinivas, Producer : V Sai Arun Kumar, Story, Screenplay, Direction : Samudra


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