Working For Doctor Is Like Having A Trip With Family – Hero Siva Karthikeyan


Hero Shiva Kartikeyan is coming with ‘Varun Doctor’ on October 9th. He interacted with the media today about the film. Shiva Kumar B from IndustryHit interacted with him and here are some excerpts from the interview.

How challenging was it to perform with other language stars? There are many Bollywood faces in the film. How did you manage to perform with them?

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– Ultimately we are doing what Director demands. We have separate characters for each of us. They are doing their job and I am doing mine. The biggest challenge is performing without showing emotions. This character never emotes. He doesn’t smile, he doesn’t show his anger out. To do that in that film for the first time was very difficult.

Is there any particular inspiration for your character in Doctor?

– I just listened to the Director. I don’t know about the inspiration behind my character. But, in real life when it comes to acting I inspire a lot as I should become like them, I should become a star like them like that.

There is a beautiful interaction between you, Anirudh sir, and Nelson sir for ‘So Baby’ What was the story behind it?

– That’s how we talk when we sit. We just captured that and showed it to you.

What homework you did to write lyrics for ‘So Baby’ what are the inputs gave by the director and music director?

– Even in my school life I didn’t do the homework properly. That song was composed during lockdown time. Everyone was at their home. We wanted to make a fun song. Actually, this song is not required for the film. I, Anirudh, and Nelson wanted to go ahead. We decided to find the proper place for the song in the film later. We have enough time to do this song. ‘So Baby’ came as a surprise for me. I have to write proper lyrics for that song, a proper meaning should be there. I took time and wrote that song.

Tell us something about the locations and technical values of the film?

– Second half will be in Goa. I visited Goa for the first time in my life with this film. I have traveled only in South India. Going to North India is foreign to me. Doing this film is like going back to the good olden days. It was like while we were working for Vijay Tv where I acted as host and he is the Director. With this film, I got that same feeling. We are all like a family and it was a family trip to Goa.

Tell us about the logo of Doctor?

– Doctors use surgical instruments for operations. This symbol in ‘T’ resembles the guardian angle. For whom he is acting as a guardian angel is the story.

Tell us about your Direction plans?

– I wanted to become Director first. But now after turning into an actor I am not confident yet handling so many crafts at a time. But I will become Director and it will be a full-on entertainer.

Was there any episode that as an actor you wanted to do it but don’t want to do it as a production head?

– it is Chellamma / Chittemma song. As an actor I wanted to perform and as a producer doesn’t want to keep it. But finally, we made it as a proper set song and it is in the film now. When the glimpse came out it resembles the ‘Buttabomma’ song. But, we made sure it will be as good as Buttabomma.


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