A mark of respect to humanitarian Sonu Sood


Anuj Mudaliyar from Ahmedabad city of Gujarat has once again expressed his love and respect for humanitarian-actor Sonu Sood with his pagidi artwork.

Anuj, who is a fashion choreographer, dancer, and traditional designer, has come up with a unique pagidi named ‘Tiranga Kamal Pagidi’ which features Prime Minister Narendra Modi alongside actor Sonu Sood. Last year, Anuj created a ‘The Real Hero’ pagidi featuring Sonu Sood for his contribution to migrant workers who faced hardships during the pandemic. “Keeping the generous deeds that he has done to poor people during the tough times of Covid-19 in view, I made this pagidi. I have been following Sonu bhai’s activities for a very long time. And his service to the poor during the pandemic was immeasurable. I wish he continues inspiring people with his generosity. I’m a big fan of his work. This work is a tribute to him.”

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Anuj earned a name for himself with his artwork across the globe. He displayed his pagidi artwork at various international shows. “I would like to take this pagidi to all the international shows and tell people that Sonu Bhai is the greatest superstar of our country because of all the work that he has done for the poor. I would just pray to God that he keeps helping people and God takes care of him,” he adds.


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