Adithya Varma Trailer Talk


Finally, the trailer of Adithya Varma is unveiled and now it’s looking like a promising, faithful remake of Arjun Reddy in Tamil. Adithya Varma trailer cut is done perfectly to avoid any criticism about it but it cannot avoid the comparisons with the original and Hindi version for sure. Compared to Adithya Varma teasers that released earlier Adithya Varma trailer is crisp and up to the point-scoring brownie points.

Dhruv Vikram looks much settled with his actions without any loudness into the character in the trailer but the show-stealer in Adithya Varma trailer is heroine Banita Sandhu with her natural charm. Dhruv Vikram got the required screen presences and one can hear Vikram in young hero voice. Most of the important sense in the film is shown in the trailer of Adithya Varma, the background score, camera work looks great and this is the first positive sign for the film. Adithya Varma is all set for a grand release on 2nd November 2019, watch the trailer and take ur call to watch the film in cinema halls nearby.

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